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Attract the best trout with our collection of effective trout spinners

If you’re looking for high-quality fishing gear that will reel in a trophy trout, you’ve come to the right place. Our trout spinner lures are meticulously crafted to entice and captivate even the wariest trout.

Trout fishing is an art that requires finesse, strategy, and the right tools. At Hot Tackle, we understand the unique demands of trout angling and have curated a selection of spinner lures specifically designed to maximise your chances of success. These innovative lures combine a spinning blade’s alluring flash and movement with the irresistible appeal of hand-tied flies, creating an irresistible temptation for trout lurking in streams, rivers, and lakes.

Whether you prefer a classic silver blade or a vibrant, eye-catching pattern, you’ll find an array of options to suit your taste and increase your chances of landing that trophy fish. Shop online for fast nationwide shipping and flexible payment options like Afterpay.

The benefits of using a trout spinner

Trout lures come with various benefits that make them a popular choice among anglers:

  • Versatility: Trout lures come in various shapes, sizes, and colours, allowing anglers to adapt to different fishing conditions and target various trout species. Whether you're fishing in streams, rivers, or lakes, there's a lure designed to suit your specific needs.
  • Attractiveness: Trout lures are designed to mimic trout's natural prey, like insects or small fish. They incorporate features like realistic patterns, lifelike movements, and reflective surfaces to entice trout and trigger their predatory instincts.
  • Increased Strikes: Lures generate a more aggressive response from trout than live bait. The action and vibrations produced by lures in the water attract trout from a distance, increasing the chances of getting a strike. Lures also allow for more active and dynamic fishing techniques, such as trolling, or cast and retrieve methods.
  • Precision and Control: Anglers have better presentation control with lures. They can accurately cast to specific locations where trout are likely to hide, such as under overhanging trees, around structures, or near underwater features. Lures also enable anglers to adjust the speed, depth, and retrieval style to match a trout's behaviour and preferences.
  • Durability and Reusability: Unlike live bait, which can be fragile and perishable, trout lures are durable and can withstand multiple uses. They are designed to resist the teeth and sharp fins of trout, ensuring they remain effective over extended fishing trips.
  • Time and Cost Efficiency: Investing in a collection of trout lures can be a cost-effective long-term solution for anglers. Lures can be reused often, eliminating the need to constantly replenish live bait supplies. Additionally, they save time by reducing the need to search for and handle live bait, allowing anglers to spend more time fishing.
  • Learning and Skill Development: Using trout lures requires a certain level of technique and skill. Anglers can experiment with different lure types, colours, retrieves, and depths to determine what works best in different conditions. This process of trial and error not only enhances fishing knowledge but also provides a sense of accomplishment when successfully fooling a trout.

Remember, trout lures are just one tool in an angler's arsenal, and their effectiveness may vary depending on factors like water conditions, weather, and trout behaviour. Considering these variables and choosing the appropriate lure for each fishing situation is essential.

Our collection of trout lures

At Hot Tackle, we source our trout lures from two premium fishing brands: Celta and Mepps.

Celta is one of the most used and well-known freshwater lures, ideal for catching trout and redfin, at home in small streams, creeks, larger rivers and bass streams. Many anglers have experienced great success with Celta trout lures — in fact, they claim their Rublex Celta Fishing Lure has caught more than any other lure in history.

Mepps lures, on the other hand, are hand-crafted in the USA. Featuring heavy-duty stainless steel construction, the Mepps Aglia Fluro Spinner’s blades are more visible when UV light penetrates deeper into the water. These lures continue to “glow” after all the other colours have vanished in the water.

From soft plastics to hard body lures, we stock Celta and Mepps lures to catch the trout of a lifetime.

FAQs about fishing lures for trout

What kind of trout can I catch with a spinner lure?

Trout spinner lures are effective on the common Australian species of rainbow trout, brown trout and brook trout. While trout spinner lures are typically used to catch trout, they can also be used to catch Australian bass, Murray cod, redfin, Yellowbelly, and estuary species like Bream, Flathead, and Tailor.

What factors should I consider when choosing a trout spinner lure?

When selecting the best trout lures for your tackle box, consider the water conditions, trout behaviour, and personal preference. Factors to consider include blade type, size, colour, and pattern. Factors like water depth, clarity, and current speed should also influence your choice.

What colours are most effective for trout spinner lures?

The best colour for trout spinner lures varies depending on the fishing location, water clarity, and the trout's feeding preferences. Natural colours like silver, gold, or brown can be effective in clear water while red/black/gold and green/black/gold would have to be the most popular patterns. In stained or murky water, brighter colours like chartreuse, orange, or fluorescent patterns can help attract trout. It's often beneficial to have a variety of colours in your tackle box to adapt to different conditions. Don’t overlook the black blades, they can be deadly in low light conditions.

Are spinner lures good for beginners?

Trout spinner lures can be a great choice for beginners — they’re relatively easy to use and require less finesse than fly fishing. Spinner lures provide immediate action and feedback, making it easier for beginners to detect strikes — start with basic techniques and gradually develop your skills and knowledge to improve your success rate.

Can I use trout spinner lures in combination with live bait?

It is NOT recommended to add live or dead bait to spinners. It impedes the natural action of the spinner, makes casting more difficult and in some states or territories it may be illegal.

Can trout spinner lures be used in both rivers and lakes?

Yes, trout spinner lures are versatile and can be used in rivers and lakes. In rivers, they are effective for casting and retrieving, especially in areas with current or structure. Spinner lures can be used in lakes for trolling or casting near drop-offs, weed edges, or submerged structures.

How should I retrieve a trout spinner lure?

The retrieval technique depends on various factors, including water conditions, trout activity level, and lure type. However, a common technique involves casting the lure upstream and retrieving it with a steady or erratic retrieve. Remember, Trout invariably face into the current to feed, so casting upstream will position your lure in front of the trout, minimizing the chance of spooking or frightening the fish into hiding. Experiment with different speeds, pauses, and depths to determine what triggers trout strikes in a given situation.

Can I use trout spinner lures for catch-and-release fishing?

Yes, trout spinner lures can be used for catch-and-release fishing. To increase the chances of a successful release, use barbless hooks or crimp the barbs on your hooks. This makes hook removal easier and minimizes potential harm to the trout. Handle the trout with wet hands or a landing net to reduce stress and injury, and release them gently back into the water.

How do I prevent my trout spinner lure from getting tangled?

To prevent tangles, ensure that the spinner blade is properly positioned and secured to the wire shaft. Use quality snap swivels or split rings to connect the spinner blade, and check for any line twists or tangles before casting. When retrieving, maintain a steady, smooth motion to minimise line twisting and tangling.

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