13 Fishing Defy Black Rods


Taking notes from the elite rods in the 13 Fishing line up this series offers anglers a performance based rod that excels way above its pay grade. Each 13 Fishing Defy Black Rod is crafted to deliver the best presentation and fighting ability possible.

Product Specs

DEFY – DEFBSF70UL22-10g7’0″2pc2-6lbSpin
DEFY – DEFBSF70ML25-20g7’0″2pc8-14lbSpin
DEFY – DEFBSF70MH215-40g7’0″2pc12-20lbSpin
DEFY – DEFBSF70M210-30g7’0″2pc10-17lbSpin
DEFY – DEFBSF70L23-15g7’0″2pc3-8lbSpin
DEFY – DEFBSF60L23-15g6’0″2pc3-8lbSpin

The Defy Black Rods are built on PVG24T graphite blanks and feature Evolve Seamless reel seats, quality high density EVA grips, FUJI Concept O Guides and finished off in their trademark black-out appearance. 13 Fishing continues to defy the competition with the new edition of the Defy Black Rods.

Features –

  • PVG24T Graphite Blank
  • Evolve seemless reel seat
  • High Quality EVA Grip
  • Fuji Guides