Shimano 24 Twinpower FE Spin Reels


TWINPOWER FE continues to expand the possibilities of spinning reels and has achieved a rock-solid evolution. From the first model to the current model, Shimano have consistently pursued durability and functionality in actual fishing without over-decorating. The Twin Power name has been a byword for strength and durability in the realm of fishing reels for over three decades. Crafted with a robust metal body and rotor, this reel is specifically designed to conquer the challenges posed by Australia’s most formidable fish. Building on the legacy of the acclaimed Twin Power line, the FE series introduces five cutting edge features adopted from the Stella FK series.

Product Specs

2500FE5.192101-320, 1.2-270, 1.5-22010-150, 15-145, 30-100759/1
C3000XGFE6.492151-400, 1.5-270, 2-20010-200, 20-140, 40-105949/1
4000XGFE6.2112601-490, 1.5-320, 2-24015-230, 30-180, 50-1201019/1
C5000XGFE6.2112651.5-400, 2-300, 3-20020-260, 30-235, 40-1851019/1

The INFINITYXROSS, INFINITYLOOP, INFINITYDRIVE, DURACROSS, and ANTI TWIST FIN technologies redefine the angler’s experience, ensuring the reels performance and longevity. Shimano proudly declares this as their strongest and longest lasting Twin Power reel ever. Anglers can expect unparalleled strength, precision, and durability, making the Twin Power FE series the ultimate companion for those seeking to conquer the waters and tackle Australia’s hardest fighting sportfish. Elevate your angling prowess with the re-evolution of power, the Twin Power FE.