Abu Garcia Veritas 4 Rod – Crazy Deal


The Veritas is not only affordable, but sensitive enough to feel the faintest hit and strong enough to handle bashing through the bush to a remote waterway. Despite the deceptively airy feel, the new Veritas is robust, responsive and comfortable to fish with from dawn to dusk. The iconic white rod puts more expensive gear to shame with its downright ruthless performance.

Product Specs

VRT4-S 662UL 1-3KGSpinningUltra Light1-3kg2-8g6’6″2Spin Split
VRT4-S 722UL 1-3KGSpinningUltra Light1-3kg2-8g7’2″2Spin Split
VRT4-S 782UL 1-3KGSpinningUltra Light1-3kg2-15g7’8″2Spin Split
VRT4-S 541L 2-4KGSpinningLight2-4kg2-10g5’4″1Spin Split
VRT4-S 701L 2-4KGSpinningLight2-4kg2-10g7′1Spin Split
VRT4-S 702L 2-4KGSpinningLight2-4kg2-14g7′2Spin Split
VRT4-S 692L 2-5KGSpinningLight2-5kg6-25g6’9″2Spin Split
VRT4-S 782UL PE0.4-1.0 EGISpinningUltra LightPE 0.4-1.0EGI MAX #4.07’8″2Spin Split
VRT4-S 742ML 3-5KGSpinningMedium Light3-5kg9-28g7’4″2Spin Full Short Split
VRT4-S 631ML 3-6KGSpinningMedium Light3-6kg9-38g6’3″1Spin Full Short Split
VRT4-S 682ML 3-7KGSpinningMedium Light3-7kg8-35g6’8″2Spin Split
VRT4-S 681M 4-8KGSpinningMedium4-8kg10-48g6’8″1Spin Full Short Split
VRT4-S 702M 4-8KGSpinningMedium4-8kg10-48g7′2Spin Full Short Split
VRT4-S 762M 4-8KGSpinningMedium4-8kg10-48g7’6″2Spin Full Short Split
VRT4-S 701MH 5-9KGSpinningMedium Heavy5-9kg9-48g7′1Spin Split
VRT4-S 601H 6-10KGSpinningHeavy6-10kg12-68g6′1Spin Full Short Split
VRT4-S 721H 6-10KGSpinningHeavy6-10kg7-45g7’2″1Spin Full Short Split
VRT4-S 732H 6-10KGSpinningHeavy6-10kg7-45g7’3″2Spin Full Short Split
VRT4-S 932H 6-10KGSpinningHeavy6-10kg20-68g9’3″”2Spin Full Short Split
VRT4-S 701XH 8-15KGSpinningExtra Heavy8-15kg18-85g7′1Spin Full Short Split
VRT4-SF 1002H 10-15KGSpinningHeavy10-15kg30-120g10′2Spin Full Short Split
VRT4-SF 1203MH 12-20KGSpinningMedium Heavy12-20kg40-200g12′3Spin Full Grip


VRT4-C 621ML 3-6KGCastingMedium Light3-6kg8-35g6’2″1Cast Full
VRT4-C 591M 4-7KGCastingMedium4-7kg6-45g5’9″1Cast Full
VRT4-C 701M 4-8KGCastingMedium4-8kg7-18g7′1Cast Split
VRT4-C 601H 5-10KGCastingHeavy5-10kg8-58g6′1Cast Full
VRT4-C 702MH 6-10 KGCastingMedium Heavy6-10kg7-28g7′2Cast Split
VRT4-C 791XH 10-25KGCastingExtra Heavy10-25kg28-120g7’9″1Cast Full


  • 30 Ton Extra High Density Graphite Blanks for Maximum Casting Performance
  • Ergonomic Abu Garcia Custom Designed Reel Seat for added sensitivity.
  • Fuji Stainless Steel KR Frames with Alconite Inserts for perfection in line management.
  • Wide range of technique specific tapers designed for the full gamut of Australian Lure Fishing.
  • Closed Cell EVA for greater weather and wear resistance.