Abu Garcia Veritas Elite Rod


Designed with Powerlux® 200 blanks, Veritas® Elite Edition offers serious anglers a rod with increased strength and improved weight and sensitivity. Our proprietary resin technology has proven to increase rod break strength without adding materials or weight, allowing us to build a much stronger rod without affecting the balance or overall feel.

Product Specs

VRTE-C 661ML 2-5KGCastingMedium Light2-5kg8-35g6’6″1Fuji K Alconite
VRTE-C 581M 4-8KGCastingMedium4-8kg10-65g5’8″1Fuji K Alconite
VRTE-C 701MH 6-9KGCastingMedium Heavy6-9kg7-48g7′1Fuji K Alconite
VRTE-C 601H 6-10KGCastingHeavy6-10kg8-58g6′1Fuji K Alconite
VRTE-S 701UL 1-3KGSpinningUltra Light1-3kg2-8g7′1Fuji K Alconite
VRTE-S 772SP-UL 1-3KGSpinningUltra Light1-3kg2-8g7’7″2Fuji K Alconite
VRTE-S 722L 2-4KGSpinningLight2-4kg2-15g7’2″2Fuji K Alconite
VRTE-S 742ML 3-5KGSpinningMedium Light3-5kg9-28g7’4″2Fuji K Alconite
VRTE-S 772M 4-8KGSpinningMedium4-8kg10-48g7’7″2Fuji K Alconite
VRTE-S 741H 6-10KGSpinningHeavy6-10kg10-60g7’4″1Fuji K Alconite

The Abu Garcia® custom designed reel seat delivers hypersensitivity around the exposed blank sections and improves comfort for all-day fishing. Coupled with Fuji® K-frame guides with alconite inserts and a hybrid carbon/EVA handle split grip design, the new Abu Garcia® Veritas® Elite rod series pushes the limits of high-performance fishing.


  • Featuring exclusive Powerlux™ 200 resin technology for ultra-light thin blanks with superior impact and fracture resistance
  • Abu Garcia® custom ergonomic reel seat
  • Carbon/EVA split grip design
  • Quality Fuji® K-Frame guides with Alconite inserts