Atomic Arrowz Barra Spin Rod


Prepare to be astounded by the exquisite refinement of these rods, allowing you to detect the most delicate of bites with precision and finesse. Their remarkable blank sensitivity and exceptional control empower you to expertly twitch, rip, and pop baits, whether you’re conquering tropical estuaries or flexing your muscles on the open lakes.

Product Specs

ModelReel SeatLengthPCSTypeRod RatingLure Weight
AAS-60MDPSM6′1Spin10 – 16lb7 – 28g
AAS-60MHDPSM6′1Spin12 – 25lb8 – 35g

Designed for uncompromising performance, the Arrowz Barra Series boasts neoprene fore grips and cork rear grips that provide a harmonious blend of comfort and functionality. Every aspect of these rods, from their eye-catching looks to their impeccable style, has been carefully crafted to deliver a performance that surpasses all expectations.