Atomic Arrowz Egi Rod


Designed with precision and expertise, the Atomic Arrowz Squid rods stand tall at an impressive 8’3 in length, perfectly tailored for those seeking to conquer the shores in pursuit of these delectable ocean dwellers.

Product Specs

ModelReel SeatLengthPCSTypeLure Weight
AAE-83LVSSM8′ 3″2Spin1.5 – 3.0
AAE-83MLVSSM8′ 3″2Spin2.5 – 4.0

Within this exceptional range, you’ll find two meticulously engineered models that cater to jigs of up to size 4.0, ensuring you possess the ideal tools to entice and capture these cunning cephalopods. Crafted with a masterful multi-taper design, these rods are specifically optimized to swiftly impart vital movement to the jig, enticing even the most elusive squid, while retaining the necessary flexibility to gracefully handle their lunging runs.