Atomic Arrowz Estuary Rod


Tailor made for the Australian estuary angler the Arrowz Estuary Series offers anglers four spin models to choose from in the range. From the finesse special 70SUL rod designed for ultra light bait and lure fishing, to the heaviest model in the series, the 70ML, this is a series that delivers the refinement, precision, and lightness that all serious estuary anglers look for in a rod, but few rods deliver. A range that is simply flawless in design and stunning in performance.

Product Specs

ModelReel SeatLengthPCSTypeRod RatingLure Weight
AAS-266SULVSSM6′ 6″2Spin2 – 6lb2 – 10g
AAS-266ULVSSM6′ 6″2Spin3 – 10lb3 – 14g
AAS-270LVSSM7′2Spin6 – 12lb5 – 15g
AAS-270MLVSSM7′2Spin6 – 14lb5 – 21g
AAS-270SULVSSM7′2Spin2 – 6lb2 – 10g
AAS-270ULVSSM7′2Spin3 – 10lb3 – 14g
AAS-70LVSSM7′1Spin6 – 12lb5 – 15g
AAS-70MLVSSM7′1Spin6 – 14lb5 – 21g
AAS-70SULVSSM7′1Spin2 – 6lb2 – 10g
AAS-70ULVSSM7′1Spin3 – 10lb3 – 14g