Atomic Arrowz Offshore Rod


Experience the ultimate fusion of power, precision, and flawless performance with the Arrowz Offshore Series. Crafted to dominate the high seas, this cutting-edge series showcases a formidable lineup of four distinct models in both one-piece and two-piece configurations. Introducing the versatile M, the robust MH, the commanding H, and the unrivaled force of nature, the mighty X and XX.

Product Specs

ModelReel SeatLengthPCSTypeRod RatingLure Weight
AAS-270HDPSM7′2Spin14 – 30lb10 – 50g
AAS-270MDPSM7′2Spin8 -16lb7 – 28g
AAS-270MHDPSM7′2Spin10 – 25lb8 – 35g
AAS-270XDPSM7′2Spin20 – 40lb20 – 80g
AAS-70HDPSM7′1Spin14 – 30lb10 – 50g
AAS-70MDPSM7′1Spin8 -16lb7 – 28g
AAS-70MHDPSM7′1Spin10 – 25lb8 – 35g
AAS-70XDPSM7′1Spin20 – 40lb20 – 80g
AAS-60HDPSM6′1Spin14 – 30lb10 – 50g
AAS-60XDPSM6′1Spin20 – 40lb20 – 80g
AAS-60XXDPSM6′1Spin25 – 60lb30 – 100g –
AAB-60HDPSM6′1Overhead14 – 30lb10 – 50g
AAB-60XDPSM6′1Overhead20 – 40lb20 – 80g
AAB-60XXDPSM6′1Overhead25 – 60lb30 – 100g

Discover the pinnacle of value and performance as all Atomic Arrowz rods in this series deliver unparalleled excellence, surpassing expectations while delivering on affordability. Each cast unleashes a symphony of power, precision, and unwavering performance, making every angling adventure a truly unforgettable experience