Atomic Arrowz Rock/Beach Rods


Prepare to dominate the shorelines with the extraordinary Shore Spin, a casting rod that stands tall at an impressive 9 feet. Engineered to perfection, this remarkable rod boasts a robust rating of up to 50 grams for lures and 35 pounds for maximum strength, making it the perfect companion for battling feisty Salmon, formidable drummer, and even prized jewfish.

Product Specs

ModelReel SeatLengthPCSTypeRod RatingLure Weight
AAS-290SSDPSM9’02Spin7 – 12kg2 – 4oz
AAS-2120BLDPSM12′2Spin4 – 8kg1 – 3oz
AAS-2120BMDPSM12′2Spin10 – 15kg2 – 5oz
AAS-3130BHDPSM13′3Spin12 – 20kg2 – 6oz

Also introducing the Beach rods, meticulously designed to cater to all your shore-based beach fishing needs. These exceptional rods have been crafted with uncompromising dedication to excellence, ensuring they excel in all types of beach fishing scenarios.