Atomic Trick Bitz Sticky Lead


Tournament pros have been using adhesive weights on their lures for years and for good reason. It is a quick, simple and easy way to alter the buoyancy of your hardbody, and a perfect way to increase your casting distance and add greater suspend time to your lure.

Product Specs


The addition of sticky weight can turn a floating lure in a suspending lure, a change in buoyancy that can produce outstanding results when twitched, paused, and suspended next to a snag or in the face of a wary, yet inquisitive fish.
The Atomic Stick Weights come in a variety of weights, allowing you to have an assortment of weights and most importantly, match the right sticky weight to the right lure and location. So pack on some weight and get ready to enjoy the benefits that it brings.

Small: 0.15g, 0.2g, 0.3g, 0.4g
Medium: 0.2g, 0.4g, 0.5g, 0.6g
Large: 0.6g, 0.75g, 0.9g
Extra Large: 0.9g, 1.2g, 1.5g
Double Extra Large: 1.5g, 2.0g
Triple Extra Large: 4.0g