Bassday 120mm Sugapen Floating Lure


The Sugapen is the most popular surface lure and comes in sizes that cater for estuary and offshore fishing. The range has recently been expanded to include sizes from 58mm through to 120mm. That gives the lure enormous versatility. The colour range has also expanded and now two new variations have been added.

The current Sugapen colours remain with the two completely new Australian only additions being a red tiger-striped clear and gold tiger-striped clear with a pink head.

Product Specs


The SugaPen 58, 70, 95 & 120mm is a unique designed dog walker. This lure is designed to splash with it cupped face, like a popper, but have the advantages of being a dog walker which attracts more fish. This is the best of both worlds in surface fishing.
With its small profile and longer length it has already proven itself in testing with big bream trophies in tournaments.