Berkley Big Game IGFA 1200M Spool – Electric Blue


Berkley Big Game line is a heavy duty IGFA rated game line that has been designed with strength and toughness in mind.
Big Game features an abrasion resistant formula that runs through the guides with less friction.
Whether it’s big billfish and pelagics that lure you out, or a bit of bottom bashing for a feed of reef fish, Big Game will always be up to the challenge

Product Specs

BG IGFA 10KG 1200M ELBLEconomy SpoolsElectric Blue0.017in | 0.44mm10.0kg | 22lb1320yd | 1207m
BG IGFA 15KG 1200M ELBLEconomy SpoolsElectric Blue0.021in | 0.53mm15.0kg | 33lb1320yd | 1207m
BG IGFA 24KG 1200M ELBLEconomy SpoolsElectric Blue0.027in | 0.68mm24.0kg | 52lb1320yd | 1207m
BG IGFA 37KG 1200M ELBLEconomy SpoolsElectric Blue0.037in | 0.93mm37.0kg | 81lb1320yd | 1207m


  • Super strong – Incredible strength for confidence and control
  • Shock resistant – Controlled stretch adds fighting power
  • Extra tough and abrasion resistant – Tough against rough or sharp objects
  • Outstanding knot strength – Strong and durable holding power