Berkley Gulp Turbo Shrimp 5″ Plastics


The Berkley Gulp! 5” Turbo Shrimp is the perfect bait for targeting larger saltwater and freshwater species alike. Its larger body profile and increased surface area efficiently disperse scent into the water column to increase the bite zone whilst the larger active swim legs create water turbulence to switch on inactive fish. The Berkley Gulp! 5” Turbo Shrimp can be simply slow rolled like a swim bait or hopped along the bottom to produce explosive strikes. Be warned, you’ll need to hang on!

Product Specs

  • Bigger profile for targeting larger species
  • Works well in both fresh and saltwater environments
  • Large head offers a wide variety of rigging options
  • Gulp! disperses scent 400 times more effectively than any other bait
  • Available in 6 colours