Berkley Powerbait 2.5″ Grub Plastics


PowerBait grubs have been favourites amongst Australian anglers for a long time, for good reason, they catch fish! The singletail grub is one of the all-time classic, multi-species slayers that all anglers need in their kit.

Product Specs


Whenever they are moving forward in the water the PowerBait Grub’s tail is working overtime. This makes them easy to use for novice lure anglers and deadly for experts. The Powerbait 2.5” Grub has got a few tricks up it’s sleeve to set it apart from the field: it’s scented to produce a more active bite response from fish, dosed up with UV additives and tuned under the hood to provide maximum tail action with lighter weight heads. Berkley have also redesigned the 4” and 5” Grub to make it better suited to Australian species with a new range of favourite colours. It’s slimmer, has more tail action and has the PowerBait scent package built in to help you catch more fish!


  • New slimmer body shape
  • Improved tail action works overtime
  • Easy to use classic soft bait profile
  • Scented to product active bite response
  • Available in a great range of colours
  • Wide variety of rigging options