Berkley Pro-Tech Billy Cruise Slow Sinking 180mm Glidebait


Billy Cruise is all about what the name implies, slow, cruisy but devastatingly effective when it comes to getting bites from weary predators waiting for an easy meal.

Product Specs

LENGTH: 180mm
DEPTH: 0.6m – 3.0m

Designed by Berkley engineers to mimic the profile of commonly found baitfish species, its three-piece multi-segment body swims with a seductive S-type action with a touch of body roll. The Pro-Tech Billy Cruise has been finely tuned to slowly sink when paused, making it perfect for hunting monster flathead on shallow flats or probing your favourite river pool for Murray cod. Billy Cruise is fitted with Owner STX-58TN trebles and Hyperwire rings for superior strength and is available in six great colours to suit both fresh and saltwater environments.