Berkley Pro-Tech Titan Deep 120mm


The Berkley Pro-Tech Titan Deep has been built by Berkley engineers to target larger species that destroy most lures with the shake of head or a flare of the gills – just when you need it the least in the heat of battle! Its slender bait fish body contains full wire through construction and is armed with super tough Owner ST-66TN hooks and Hyperwire rings to give anglers the best possible chance to stay connected to that fish of a lifetime.

Product Specs


The Pro-Tech Titan Deep can be slow rolled or ripped and twitched to produce reaction bites from species such as barra, mulloway, mangrove jacks and trevally. Available in eight colours with a mixture of UV highlights and holographic finishes in the line up to suit a wide variety of environments and water clarity.

  • 120mm length
  • 24 grams
  • Depth 2.0 – 3.0m
  • Fitted with Owner ST-66TN Trebles and Hyperwire rings.