Billmark Lures Rigged Apollo 9.5″ Skirted Game Lures


Step into the world of legendary angling with the Black Pete Billmark Apollo 9.5″ skirted trolling lure.

Product Specs


This iconic lure is no stranger to the adrenaline-fueled realm of Blue marlin trolling, and it boasts a head design that’s not just famous but practically legendary. Time and time again, it has proven its worth across all species of marlin and even the elusive tuna.

The Billmark Apollo 9.5″ is designed to be versatile and user-friendly, making it a must-have in your spread for marlin fishing. Whether it’s positioned close to the boat among smaller lures to stand out or set further back on the riggers to create commotion and bubble trails, it excels in any role. This lure is your key to success in the marlin kingdom.

Rigged and ready to go fishing on 300lb MoMoi with a 7691s 9/0