Billmark Lures Rigged Lil Ernie 6″ Skirted Game Lures


The Billmark Lil Ernie, despite its unassuming name, packs a powerful punch as a fishing lure that is sure to become a prized asset in your angling arsenal. While it may be commonly associated with tuna fishing, this versatile lure is no one-trick pony. In fact, it boasts the remarkable ability to tantalize and provoke strikes from the mighty billfish and a host of other hungry pelagic species.

Product Specs


Don’t let its compact size fool you; the Billmark Lil Ernie is a dynamo when it comes to attracting and hooking impressive catches. Its carefully crafted design, coupled with its irresistible swimming action, makes it a formidable adversary for any discerning predator in the depths. So, whether you’re targeting the elusive tuna, chasing after the majestic billfish, or seeking other pelagic thrills, this lure is your go-to choice for action-packed angling adventures.

Rigged and ready to go fishing on 150lb MoMoi and a 7691s 7/0