BKK Red Octopus Beak Hooks – 50 Pack


The BKK Octopus Beak hook is a popular versatile bait fishing hook used around the world. It’s a perfect choice for salt and freshwater fishing conditions. The BKK Red Octopus Beak Hook uses a wide gap design that’s great for bigger baits, but can also be used on smaller and more delicate baits when chasing smaller species. The offset hook point ensures a great hook up rate when a fish hits your bait. The red coating helps keep the hook concealed, and gives it excellent saltwater corrosion resistance. The BKK Red Octopus Beak Hooks are a exceptional all-round hook defiantly what you need in your tackle box for your next trip out.

Product Specs



  • Extra strong wire
  • Top grade carbon steel for strength and sharpness
  • Short shank
  • 45 angled ring-eye
  • Flattened tip
  • Coating: Red
  • Bulk pack quantity: 50