Black Magic Equalizer Set


When you’re out there targeting big game fish, hooking them is one thing, but landing them is another.

Black Magic’s world famous Equalizer® are specially designed gimbal and harness sets, which allows you to apply maximum pressure to your fish without applying maximum pressure to your body. 

Sometimes you can be hooked up to these fish for hours, and the Equalizer® is the ultimate system for fighting fish over a period of time thanks to its patented design which maximises leverage, and increases comfort and blood circulation during long battles. 

Product Specs


Original features

  • The pin at the rear of the gimbal recess is designed for straight butt rods. The pin recess is designed to allow a full range of motion for a straight butt rod, without interference from the gimbal plate 
  • Insert an adaptor (with a single screw to attach to the gimbal plate) for bent butt rods. 
  • The adaptor brings the pin to the front of the gimbal plate and stops the bent butt rod from hitting the gimbal plate when lifted

Pack Includes

  • Gimbal plate
  • Harness
  • Webbing belt / Drop strap belt
  • Instructions on how to use your Equalizer® or Twin Pin Pro system 
  • Carry bag