Black Magic Strayline Rig


Specifically designed to target big fish in shallow water. Simply tie to your mainline, add your bait and get it flowing in the current. Straylining (or floatlining as its called in Aussie) is a popular and effective way of targeting snapper, especially in shallow water. It’s also a great way to target many other desirable species like pearl perch, jewfish and Spanish mackerel in Australia.

Product Specs


Because you’ll usually be fishing around structure, we’re tied our rigs with our abrasion resistant 60lb Tough Trace. And then you can choose from 2 styles of hooks – our super sharp C Point® hooks if you like to strike when you feel the bite. Or our self-hooking recurve KL red hooks. You also get a long life lumo bead on each rig.

The rigs are even IGFA legal as the top hook is fixed with a snood knot, so you can chase those trophy sized monsters.