Black Pete 7″ Teaser Squid 2 Pack


Introducing the Black Pete 7″ Soft Teaser Squid, a game-changer in the world of teasers. Crafted from durable soft plastic, this teaser boasts a semi-hollowed body, ensuring resilience with thick inner walls that maintain its shape in the water. The strategically designed hole in the squid head allows for easy line threading, adding to its versatility. Perfectly suited for use on a daisy chain or as a key component in a custom dredge teaser setup, the Black Pete Soft Teaser Squid is a must-have for anglers seeking innovation in their trolling game.

Product Specs


Key Features:

  1. Soft Feel: Delivers a lifelike feel that entices even the most discerning fish.
  2. Plastic Material: Crafted from high-quality plastic for durability in offshore conditions.
  3. Hollow Body: Semi-hollow design maintains shape, providing durability without compromising performance.
  4. Available in 7″ and 9″: Choose the size that fits your teaser setup and target species.
  5. Flexible Wings And Legs: Mimics the natural movement of prey, enhancing its effectiveness.
  6. Custom Dredge Teaser Design: Tailor your teaser presentation with this versatile and effective soft squid.
  7. Colours Available: Pink, Green and Purple Elevate your trolling experience with the Black Pete7″ Soft Teaser Squid, where durability meets innovation in a design crafted for success on the open water