Black Pete POG Single Hook Rig 7691S


Elevate your pelagic species game with Black Pete’s POG Heavy Duty Hook Rigs–meticulously crafted to not just make strikes count but to ensure your hooks penetrate with unmatched precision. Engineered in-house, these hook rigs redefine the standards of terminal tackle, utilizing the finest components available, including heavy-duty heat shrink.

Product Specs


Upgrade your lure game with Black Pete’s POG Heavy Duty Hook Rigs, and witness a remarkable rise in your hook-up rates. Immerse yourself in a world where precision meets power, and every strike has the potential to be a game-changer on the open water.

Key Features:

  1. Maximum Strike Impact: Crafted for anglers who demand the most from their tackle, our hook rigs provide every opportunity to make strikes count against formidable pelagic species.
  2. Premium Terminal Tackle: Impeccable in-house construction involves the use of the highest-quality terminal tackle, guaranteeing durability and reliability in the heat of battle.
  3. Heavy-Duty Heat Shrink: The secret weapon in our arsenal, heavy-duty heat shrink with an ample dose of glue, stiffens the rig, enhancing the chances of pelagic species, particularly marlin, sliding down upon biting your lure. This ensures maximum hook penetration and increases the likelihood of bringing the fish to the boat.
  4. Ever-Popular7691sStyle Hooks: Featuring the time-tested 7691s style stainless steel hooks, renowned for their strength and effectiveness in the world of offshore angling.
  5. Versatile Sizing: Available in 7/0–12/0, our heavy-duty hook rigs cater to diverse preferences and target species, making them a definitive game-changer for any angler towing lures.
  6. Wide Tackle Compatibility: Designed for versatility, these rigs can be confidently used on tackle ranging from 8kg to 60kg, adapting to the dynamic needs of offshore fishing.