Chasebaits Armour Prawn 50mm 35g


The BRAND NEW Chasebaits Armour Prawn Finesse 50mm (3.5g) is a unique hard body prawn lure combining realism and versatility. This bite sized prawn features a hard, segmented flicking tail joined with Kevlar cloth, a lifelike profile and rigged with a Japanese made Decoy YS25 Treble hook.

Product Specs


Designed with two tow points the Armour Prawn gives two great actions! – Hard and tight vibrating action or a twitching and gliding action. This exclusive Prawn is with 8 different colours, giving you both natural and UV options. The Chasebaits Armour Prawn is packed with awesome features that will make this new size the go-to lure for finesse Anglers around the country.

Size_ 50mm (2″) |  Weight_ 3.5 gm (1/8 oz)