CID Casting Shiverstick 125mm 45g


CID’s Shiverstick casting lures are a must have for any shore casting or boat angler, They are a versatile sinking stickbait lure made from super durable hi-density resin fitted with quality hooks and rings, The Shiverstick can be retrieved using a slow twitch or a highspeed burn to get the predatory fish fired-up, they come in a bunch of different colour profiles to suit various target species,

Product Specs

  1. Sinking Stickbait With A Shivering Flutter Drop On The Sink
  2. Strong Durable Construction
  3. Side to Side Darting Action With A Sweeping Retrieve
  4. Realistic Fish Fleeing Action With A High-Speed Retrieve
  5. Long Cast Design
  6. Realistic Colour Profiles