CID Plug GT Ice Cream Needle Nose 2.0oz


GT Ice cream lures originated in South Africa and were made originally for giant trevally (GT’s) but anglers around the world quickly realised that GT Ice cream surface plugs are truly dynamite on many other species like tuna, wahoo, kingfish, mackerel, cobia and all predatory reef species.

All Lures COME WITH TREBLES (Not the single assist as Pictured) 

Product Specs


The whole series of GT Ice cream plugs feature a super strong, stainless steel, straight-through wire construction. All plugs are hand-made with Teflon, will not chip or crack and are resilient to rock damage. The natural white coloured Teflon makes our plugs imitate many of the baitfish species out there. Unlike wood, fish teeth slide right off ensuring a better hook sets. They are specifically weighted for distance casting and will fly very nicely into a strong onshore wind.