Cranka 35mm Deep Crank


The CRANKA DC-35 Deep Crank is a small 35mm deep diving crankbait that is designed to suspend in brackish water. This lure has a tight action at the head with a nice wide tail action perfectly suited to slow rolling, twitching or jerking. This lure is perfect for a wide variety of different fish species including but not limited to Bream, Trout, Bass, Perch and many other estuarine and freshwater species. The CRANKA 35mm Deep Crank is available in a range of very natural prey item colours.

Product Specs

  • 35mm Deep Crankbait.Weighs 3.6 Grams.
  • Fit with Decoy Trebles and High Quality Japanese Split Rings.
  • Suspends in Saltwater.
  • Long Casting Due To Its Compact Design.
  • Dive Depth 1.6m – 2m.
  • Colours Based On Natural Prey Items.
  • Subtle Knocking Sound Output Swim Action.