Prolure D36 Deep 36mm Crank Lure


The D36 and S36 Crank have fast grown a reputation as a truly reliable Bream crank. The reason for this is simple; the D36 and S36 are winning tournaments. They are winning because they consistently catch fish in the kilo plus category. This is big news for tournament anglers. Competition is fierce, and anything that might give them a gram or two advantage is worth its weight in gold.

Product Specs


Apart from proving very appealing to large Bream, the Pro Lure D36 and S36 Cranks have impeccable handling manners. They cast like a bullet, they run straight and hook-ups are secured and maintained via super sharp Decoy Y-S25 trebles. The creative journey of the Crank was an exhaustive 18 months from concept to delivery. The intention was always to create a lure of distinction and the results show we have achieved this goal. The D36 & S36 Crank provides the type of angling experience legends are made of. The pros have been stunned by its incredible performance. You will be too.

  • Light line is crucial when fishing the S36 and D36 crank. Choose either a light braid (3-4lb) and light fluorocarbon leader (2-4lb) combination. For extra finesse throw the lure on straight through fluorocarbon (2-4lb). Choosing light line will ensure the perfect action, finesse and running depth. It will also give you the required stealth factor.
  • Target fish holding structure. The S36 is perfect for your shallow weedy or sandy flats less than 1m deep. The D36 is a great lure for prospecting around deeper drop-offs, deep mud or weed flats, bridges, pylons, rock bars and edges.
  • Start with a long cast and retrieve with a simple ‘slow roll’ and don’t be afraid to bump your lure in to structure.  You can add the odd pause during your retrieve to assess the behaviour of the fish on the particular day.
  • Use wind to your advantage. It provides cover for the fish feeding in the shallows and will often bring the fish on the bite.


TYPE – Hard Body Tournament Crank D36


WEIGHT – 4.1g

BUOYANCY – Floating

DEPTH – D36, 1.6-2m

HOOKS – Decoy Y-s25 size 14