Daiwa BG Bluewater Rods


Designed to withstand the rigors of offshore angling, BG Bluewater combines the pedigree and performance of the BG name with stunning value, to deliver anglers a rod series that won’t break the bank.

Product Specs

22 BG BLUEWATER S56-3/590-180g5’6″/168cmPE 3-51RegSpin
22 BG BLUEWATER S56-5/8150-300g5’6″/168cmPE 5-81RegSpin
22 BG BLUEWATER S60-4/6120-300g6’0”/183cmPE 4-61RegSpin
22 BG BLUEWATER S62-2/330-120g6’2″/188cmPE 2-31RegSpin
22 BG BLUEWATER S64-2/460-120g6’4″/193cmPE 2-41RegSpin
22 BG BLUEWATER S70-2/330-90g7’0″/213cmPE 2-31RegSpin
22 BG BLUEWATER S70-3/590-100g7’0″/213cmPE 3-51RegSpin
22 BG BLUEWATER S702-3/590-100g7’0″/213cmPE 3-52RegSpin
22 BG BLUEWATER S792-3/590-100g7’9″/236cmPE 3-52RegSpin
22 BG BLUEWATER S80-6/8150-300g8’0″/244cmPE 6-81RegSpin
22 BG BLUEWATER S902-2/420-120g9’0″/274cmPE 2-42RegSpin
22 BG BLUEWATER S962-3/550-120g9’6″/290cmPE 3-52RegSpin
22 BG BLUEWATER B56-3/590-180g5’6″/168cmPE 3-51RegOverhead
22 BG BLUEWATER B56-5/8150-300g5’6″/168cmPE 5-81RegOverhead
22 BG BLUEWATER B60-4/6120-300g6’0”/183cmPE 4-61RegOverhead

Featuring unidirectional wrapped, graphite/fibreglass construction, BG Bluewater blanks are incredibly resilient, have an unwavering backbone, and the power to lift and lead strong fish from the depths. Titanium oxide guides, EVA grips, and rubber gimbals make BG Bluewater the budget friendly choice for avid saltwater anglers.

15 models available for all your offshore needs, ranging from purpose built Port Phillip Bay snapper models through to hard pulling jigging rods, and monster stopping overhead power rods.