Daiwa 22 Infeet SK Rods


INFEET SK series offers angler’s some new actions with Fuji’s popular SK (Skeleton) reel seat configuration and is a testament to Daiwa’s commitment to the light tackle angling community. Apart from the obvious change of reel seat configuration, INFEET SK also boasts some other interesting features most notably a combination guide train of a Fuji Titanium SiC stripper guide followed by a near-full set of Daiwa’s AGS carbon fibre guides. AGS guides are lighter than Titanium and give INFEET SK unmatched responsiveness and sensitivity in the hand.

Product Specs

22 INFEET SK 6102LFS6’10″/208cmLight1-7gPE 0.4-0.8 | 1-4kg2-ButtFastSpin
22 INFEET SK 702ULRS7’0″/213cmUltra Light0.5-5gPE 0.2-0.6 | 0.5-3kg2-ButtRegularSpin
22 INFEET SK 722LRS7’2″/218cmLight1-7gPE 0.4-0.8 | 1-4kg2-ButtRegularSpin
22 INFEET SK 732ULFS7’3″/220cmUltra Light0.5-5gPE 0.2-0.6 | 0.5-3kg2-ButtFastSpin

HVF Nanoplus graphite has been combined with X45X Full Shield technology to eliminate blank twist which results in rods which cast insanely well for their size and feel crisp and responsive when casting or working lures. As with all INFEET rods, a distinct red and blue colourway is used to designate the action of the rods, with fast action rods boasting red highlights while moderate or regular action rods are adorned with blue. For INFEET SK, there is two of each model available in both light and ultralight actions to cover the gamut of light-tackle techniques.



X45X Full Shield Technology is 25% more efficient than standard X45 technology. With increased torsional stiffness, blanks armed with X45X resist blank twist during casting & jigging. This characteristic prevents the blank from losing stored energy during the cast, ensuring that every bit of force you put into your cast, is transferred through the blank and ultimately to your chosen lure.


Weighing a mere fraction of the weight of traditional guides (40% lighter than an equivalent sized titanium guide) AGS guides feature a solid carbon fibre frame construction that minimizes weight, improves casting distance and performance, and delivers faster rod speed, reduced rod vibration and angler fatigue, and greater rod sensitivity.


Through the use of nano resin control technology in the blank construction process, Nanoplus allows for increased graphite density to be achieved within a graphite rod blank.


Bias construction within the ferrule allows it to flex with the rod, eliminating the weak, unbending spot caused by ordinary ferrules. The result of this revolutionary technology is a multi-piece blank that matches the performance of one-piece blanks in flex, power and responsiveness.