Daiwa 22 Tanacom X Rods


The entry level of the new TANACOM rod series, TANACOM X is a perfect blend of performance and value to give more angler’s access to the bountiful deep waters of Australia’s oceans.

Built on a composite graphite blank, TANACOM X exhibits a powerful but forgiving action suitable for turning bottom-hugging beasts like bar cod and bass without being a broom stick and risk pulling hooks when that fish takes the final lunge.

Product Specs

22 TANACOM X 54XHSTX Heavy5’4″/161cmPE 6-101RegularElectric
22 TANACOM X 66XXHSTXX Heavy6’5″/196cmPE 8-121RegularElectric
22 TANACOM X 53XHX Heavy5’3″/159cmPE 6-101RegularElectric
22 TANACOM X 64XXHXX Heavy6’4″/194cmPE 8-121RegularElectric
22 TANACOM X B63-3/4N/A6’3″/191cmPE 3-41RegularElectric

Adorned with a set of Seaguide heavy duty stainless steel frame guides, TANACOM X is capable of withstanding the heavy loads of repeated drops all day long. TANACOM X is available in both a matching Seaguide swivelling roller tip and standard heavy-duty tip guide to give angler’s more options.

TANACOM X is also available in a handheld specific B63-3/4 model which is designed to use with smaller 300 size dendoh reels which are becoming more popular in Australia.