Daiwa 23 Infeet EX Rods


The flagship of the INFEET family, INFEET EX also receives an update for 2023. This time utilising Daiwa’s SVF Compile-X Nanoplus carbon in the blank making process, producing new actions with unmatched sensitivity. SVF Compile-X Nanoplus is the same graphite used in the flagship TD BATTLER AGS rods and offers INFEET fans the opportunity at a technique specific range with performance like never before. Incredibly lightweight and responsive, INFEET EX also features X45X Full Shield technology, to resist twisting to produce a rod blank that feels crisp and responsive in hand.

Product Specs

23 INFEET EX 6101ULRS-STUltra-LightSpin6’10″/208cmReg0.5-5gPE #0.2-0.6/0.5-3kg1
23 INFEET EX 702LFSLightSpin7’0″/213cmFast1-7gPE #0.4-0.8/1-4kg2
23 INFEET EX 712LFSLightSpin7’1″/216cmFast1-7gPE #0.4-0.8/1-4kg2(Butt)
23 INFEET EX 722ULFSUltra-LightSpin7’2″/218cmFast0.5-5gPE #0.2-0.6/0.5-3kg2(Butt)
23 INFEET EX 742ULRSUltra-LightSpin7’4″/224cmReg0.5-5gPE #0.2-0.6/0.5-3kg2(Butt)
23 INFEET EX 742LFSLightSpin7’4″/224cmFast1-7gPE #0.4-0.8/1-4kg2(Butt)
23 INFEET EX 742LRSLightSpin7’4″/224cmReg1-7gPE #0.4-0.8/1-4kg2(Butt)
23 INFEET EX 742L+XS-STLightSpin7’4″/224cmX Fast0.6-10gPE #0.4-1.0/1-5kg2(Butt)
23 INFEET EX 752ULFS-STUltra-LightSpin7’5″/226cmFast0.5-5gPE #0.2-0.6/0.5-3kg2(Butt)

A brand-new Daiwa concept, ZERO SEAT for spinning rods debuts in INFEET EX and is the latest reel seat technology. Made from an ultra-lightweight carbon infused resin material, ZERO SEATs are incredibly light weight, and this model emphasises comfort when paired together with lightweight slim rods and smaller spinning reels. A combination guide train is again used in the form of Fuji Titanium framed SiC guides for the largest 3 stripper guides, transitioning to Daiwa’s AGS carbon framed guides on the tip to save weight and increase performance.

Finally, on certain models Daiwa’s MEGATOP solid tip technology produces a solid graphite tip section which enables increased bite detection whilst exerting no pressure on the fish, perfect for timid bites & delicate offerings.


X45X Full Shield Technology is 25% more efficient than standard X45 technology. With increased torsional stiffness, blanks armed with X45X resist blank twist during casting & jigging. This characteristic prevents the blank from losing stored energy during the cast, ensuring that every bit of force you put into your cast, is transferred through the blank and ultimately to your chosen lure.


Weighing a mere fraction of the weight of traditional guides (40% lighter than an equivalent sized titanium guide) AGS guides feature a solid carbon fibre frame construction that minimizes weight, improves casting distance and performance, and delivers faster rod speed, reduced rod vibration and angler fatigue, and greater rod sensitivity.


A revolution in sensitivity, Megatop is unlike any other ordinary solid tip construction. The new SVF – SPX material binds graphite fibres with precise resin control for an extremely even distribution of fibres. The result of this is virtually no spine in the rod tip so it bends the same angle in any direction. This allows for incredible pinpoint cast control with the lightest of weights, and its incredible transference of even the slightest bump or vibration allows for heightened bite detection.


Resin is further reduced and carbon density increased through nano technology to greatly enhance sensitivity, lightness and responsiveness.