Daiwa 24 Steez SV TW Baitcast Reels


The Daiwa 24 Steez fishing reel is a high-performance bait casting reel designed for serious anglers seeking top-notch quality and precision.

Product Specs



Lightweight Construction: The Daiwa 24 Steez is engineered with advanced materials to ensure it’s both lightweight and durable. This construction allows for extended fishing sessions without fatigue.

Smooth Operation: Equipped with high-quality bearings and a precision gear system, the reel offers incredibly smooth casting and retrieval. This ensures minimal resistance and maximum efficiency when reeling in your catch.

Advanced Drag System: The drag system is designed to provide precise control over the resistance applied to the line, allowing anglers to easily adjust according to the size and fighting strength of the fish they’re targeting.

Magsealed Technology: Daiwa’s Magsealed technology utilizes magnetic oil to create a barrier against water and debris, enhancing the reel’s durability and longevity by minimizing wear and tear on internal components.

High Gear Ratio: The reel features a high gear ratio, enabling fast line retrieval, crucial for quickly bringing in your catch and minimizing the chances of losing it during the fight.

Ergonomic Design: The reel is ergonomically designed for comfort and ease of use, with features such as a comfortable handle grip and smooth, responsive controls.

Precision Engineering: Every component of the Daiwa 24 Steez is meticulously engineered to ensure optimal performance and reliability, making it a favorite among professional anglers who demand nothing but the best from their gear.

Versatile Applications: Whether you’re targeting freshwater bass, saltwater species, or anything in between, the Daiwa 24 Steez is versatile enough to handle a wide range of fishing scenarios with finesse and precision.

Overall, the Daiwa 24 Steez fishing reel represents the pinnacle of Daiwa’s engineering prowess, offering anglers uncompromising performance, durability, and precision on the water.