Daiwa Sensor Wave Rod


Sensor Wave combines Japanese shore-jigging pedigree with Australian surf fishing culture to bring a brand-new series to anglers searching for affordable land-based action. Built around a BRAIDING-X blank, Sensor Wave rods are deceptively lightweight. The first three models in the series are the shore-jigging specialists. Designed in Japan and brought to Australia, these actions excel at firing long casts with metal lures from beaches and breakwalls across the country, their lightweight nature allows precise lure control and they will be the ultimate match to breakwall Mulloway across the eastern seaboard.


Product Specs

20 SENSOR WAVE 962MSpin2290cmMReg10-60g6-12kg
20 SENSOR WAVE 962HSpin2290cmHReg50-120g12-24kg
20 SENSOR WAVE 972MHSpin2293cmMHReg35-90g8-15kg
20 SENSOR WAVE 1202HSpin2366cmHReg60-120g8-20kg
20 SENSOR WAVE 1202XHSpin2366cmXHReg90-150g24-37kg
20 SENSOR WAVE 1303HSpin3396cmHReg90-160g10-20kg
20 SENSOR WAVE 1403HSpin3427cmHReg90-180g10-24kg
20 SENSOR WAVE 1503HSpin3457cmHReg90-180g10-24kg

The longer models are more traditional Australian surf rod design, 12’0” through to 15’0”. Sensor Wave have slightly shorter handles than most other Daiwa Surf rod designs, a feature welcomed by many sidecast reel users and spin users alike.

The use of BRAIDING-X on the butt sections of Sensor Wave allows for an overall smaller blank diameter, which when stretching lengths out to 15’0” can make quite a difference to the rod’s overall balance and feel when in use. Outfitted with Fuji’s Corrosion Control (CC) ‘O’ ring guides, the Sensor Wave rods are built to last and built to fish, where the treacherous coast is no place for inferior equipment.