Few baitcast reels share the same reputation as the original Daiwa Zillion. A strong and durable bait cast reel capable of handling anything you can throw at it. Zillion has found its place in Australia, where durability and strength are of the utmost importance.

The brand-new 21 Zillion SV is the first total redesign of Zillion in many years. The heart of it all is a brand-new technology HYPERDRIVE Design. A concept incorporating multiple aspects of reel design to deliver a baitcast reel with few peers.

Product Specs

21 ZILLION SV TW (G) 1006.3190g8CRBB; 1RB5kg16lb -80m
21 ZILLION SV TW (G) 100L6.3190g8CRBB; 1RB5kg16lb -80m
21 ZILLION SV TW (G) 100H7.1190g8CRBB; 1RB5kg16lb -80m
21 ZILLION SV TW (G) 100HL7.1190g8CRBB; 1RB5kg16lb -80m
21 ZILLION SV TW (G) 100XH8.5190g8CRBB; 1RB5kg16lb -80m
21 ZILLION SV TW (G) 100XHL8.5190g8CRBB; 1RB5kg16lb -80m

HYPERDRIVE Digigear is the next evolution of baitcast gear design, taking Daiwa’s Digigear concept to the next level to produce a smoother and stronger reeling sensation with a significant 60% improvement to gear durability.

HYPER Double Support improves the support of the pinion gear. This support in turn helps to extend gear life and increase winding power under load.

HYPER Tough Clutch is a redeveloped thumb bar design which is more durable and stronger than previous variations.

HYPER Armed Housing is the use of Magnesium or Aluminium frame and gear side plate design which holds everything in perfect alignment.

Zillion’s other brand-new feature is an evolution of Daiwa’s SV Concept. SV BOOST is a brand-new two-stage SV concept design that significantly increases casting distance in the latter part of the casting sequence. Zillion’s two-stage SV BOOST design delivers the precise amount of breaking resistance at each stage of the cast, allowing the angler to perfectly account for varying scenarios they may face when on the water.

SV BOOST will have anglers experiencing effortless long-casting performance and the SV Concept will mean that Zillion is as versatile as ever.