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One of the most popular surf rods on the market, the Overthere is a series where the vast majority of people who pick it up say “wow”. They are insanely light when you compare them to traditional beach rods and all that means for the angler is far less effort required when they’re punching out big long casts off the beach, rocks or breakwall. We’ve got the heaviest model in the range, the 110XH model in this weeks deal and have paired that up with the “Bite N Run” style Daiwa Free Swimmer 8000 reel which feels perfect when mounted on the rod. Also thrown in as an extra is the Nebo 500 Lumen headlamp which is a must have when night fishing! This is a seriously nice outfit for only $350!

RRP – $650

Product Specs


Daiwa Overthere Rod 110XH

When looking to chase fish off the beach or rocks, there’s arguably no more important factor then distance when it comes to choosing the right rod. Introducing the new range of Over There rods, specifically designed to target species such as Salmon, Tailor and Jewfish off our beaches, breakwalls and rocky headlands.

Specifically designed actions ranging from just over 10’0” through to 11’0” in various weights perfectly suit the coastal regions of Australia where different lures and techniques are most effective.

Outfitted with Fuji stainless steel Alconite ring anti-tangle guides to eliminate line troubles and offer unrestricted line flow. The three lighter Over There models feature exclusive Daiwa reel seat designs whilst the 110H/XH models feature heavy duty Fuji DPS reel seats for the required extra diameter.

Daiwa Free Swimmer 8000 Reel

A return to the foray of Bite’N’Run reels with Daiwa’s new FREE SWIMMER BR. Bite’N’Run is a key technology for keen live or dead bait anglers allowing fish to take baits under minimal line tension to ensure a solid hookset is achieved.

Designed in collaboration between Daiwa USA, Daiwa Australia, Daiwa New Zealand and alongside Japanese engineers, FREE SWIMMER BR is a product five years in the making and a testament to Daiwa’s commitment to providing the best products to suit local conditions.

Angler’s will set the Bite’N’Run tension by adjusting the dial on the bottom of the reel, a wide range can be set to suit unweighted baits for finicky feeders such as whiting, up to quite strong settings suitable to live baiting large baits for hard-fighting predators like Kingfish & Mackeral.

FREE SWIMMER BR is built off a strong & sturdy carbon composite frame and Air Rotor. The internals have been carefully sealed through careful design and implementation of rubber seals to make FREESWIMMER a true Saltwater Bite’N’Run reel. Careful attention to detail was paid throughout the design and prototype stages to make FREE SWIMMER BR capable of handling even the largest of New Zealand Kingfish & Snapper.

FREE SWIMMER BR is equipped with a host of regular Daiwa technologies including Air Rotor, ATD Drag, Tough Digigear & more to round out the best performing Bite’N’Run reel Daiwa has ever produced.

Nebo Headlamp

The TRANSCEND 500 is a rechargeable head lamp that features a 500 lumen Turbo, high, medium and low power modes. The TRANSCEND utilises USB charging, a powerful magnetic base and has an adjustable tilting design to direct the light exactly where you need it. The TRANSCEND 500 — go beyond the range of limitations.


  • TURBO (500 lumens) – 40 seconds/111 meters (before adjusting back to “High”)
  • High (210 lumens) – 3.5 hours / 67 meters
  • Medium (80 lumens) – 5 hours / 43 meters
  • Low (27 lumens) – 14 hours / 26 meters


  • USB rechargeable
  • Anodized aircraft-grade aluminium; water (IPX6) and impact-resistant
  • Battery charging indicator
  • Detachable head strap mount with adjustable tilt
  • Powerful magnetic base


  • Side-positioned button for power and mode selection


  • Micro USB to USB charging cable included



  • Powered by internal 16340 3.7v 700mAh rechargeable battery (Recharge time: TBC)
    • Weight: 95g (inc strap)
    • (L) 62mm x (W) 44mm x (H) 33mm