Deal 1 – Flying Fish Pack


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Kicking of deals this week with a Nomad Slipsteam Flying Fish Pack, a series of lures that is revolutionary for sportfishing anglers chasing the likes of Marlin, Tuna, Kingfish + many more. There’s 7 flying fish in total in this killer deal, all 140mm in size plus we’ve also chucked in 12 packs replacement wings to ensure you can keep the immaculate presenation of these lures in A1 condition for many seasons. If you’re looking to get out and chase a proper one over the summer months these are definitely going to be a great option to add to the spread.

Product Specs

Flying Fish 140140mm50gSurfaceFloatingBKK Kajiki 3X Single 6/0Kite – Casting – Trolling up to 9kn

The Nomad Design Slipstream Flying Fish is a revolutionary heavy duty hybrid lure that has been designed to perfectly mimic a flying fish in both appearance and action in the water. The unique folding wing design allows the wings to fold back when cast for extra distance or when fighting big Tuna and Marlin for reduced drag through the water. The through body rigging means it can be rigged like a conventional skirted lure to slide up the leader when fighting a fish, ensuring fish stay hooked. Every predator in the ocean loves to eat flying fish, and the Nomad Design Slipstream has been crafted by decades of experience on the water to be tougher, last longer and to catch big fish.