Deal 2 – Berkley Shimma Shrimp Pack


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The Berkley Shimma Shrimp has been responsible for countless amounts of catches since their release a couple of years ago with all types of species from whiting right through to XL Barramundi taking a liking to the range. Deal 2 is a pack full of the 85mm candys which in our view is the most dominant size for most us who fish in the estuary and want to target those bread and butter species like Flathead, School Jewies, Bream etc. There’s some awesome colours in the range here, if you want a lure that is going to catch them you simply can’t go past a shrimp imitation like these because as the old saying goes – everything eats a prawn!

Product Specs


The new Shimma Shrimp 85mm model is weighted at seven grams and is perfect for targeting a multitude of different species in fresh and saltwater environments. If you love casting lures and catching plenty of fish, Shimma Shrimp is a must have in your tackle box!