Squidgy Barra/Jewy Lure Pack


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This one will be gone in a flash because there’s always an appetite for big plastics packs, particularly when those plastics have an amazing body roll topped off with a thumping tail action. Big Barra, Jewies, XL Flathead and plenty more will be all over these lures when thrown in the right territory. All up there’s 10 packs of Shimano Squidgy Fish 150mm in an awesome array of colours and we’ve managed to bring the pack price down to less than half the RRP. Click through and lock one in while you can.

RRP – $159

Product Specs


A go-to soft plastic for many inshore and offshore soft plastics fisherman, the Squidgies Fish Soft Plastics are an old paddle tail classic that have been catching fish around Australia and the world for many many years. Combining the best of shad, paddle tail and swim-bait features, but with a unique Squidgy twist that sees the Squidgies Fish Soft Plastics pounding out a tail beat, rolling their bodies seductively and rippling those trademark belly flaps.

Coming in at 150mm, the Squidgies Fish can be cast at snapper and jewfish offshore, and is sure to turn some heads with it’s amazing action.

The Squidgies Fish Soft Plastics are UV enhanced and are also impregnated with a scented bio-salt for added attraction and appeal.

  • Paddle tail that can be worked nice and slow, or at speed
  • UV enhanced
  • Impregnated with scented bio-salt