Epic Daiwa Tanacom Electric Combo


As brock alludes to, we’re pretty excited about this deal – one that has been a long time coming. To make it as clear as possible, there are two options on this one. Option 1 at $1499 includes the Daiwa Tanacom 1200 Electric Reel, a Daiwa Tanacom X 54XH Swivel Tip Rod and Daiwa Tanacom 1000 Metre PE 8 Braid. Option 2 @ $1699 includes all of Option 1 with an additional “Reel Battery” G2 XL Starter Kit that once hooked up is ready to start fishing immediately. The savings on each of these combos are HUGE – if you’re in the market for a new Electric combo, now is the time to lock one in.

Product Specs


Tanacom 1200

It’s not often Daiwa releases a new electric dendoh reel and there’s arguably no name more famous in the category than TANACOM. A total overhaul from the ground up, TANACOM 1200 is a project half-a-decade in the making between Daiwa Japan engineers and teams within Australia and America.

Sporting a totally new design incorporating the motor housed inside the spool has given Daiwa engineers the ability to increase the efficiency of the powerful motor, the same reliable unit that’s been used on TANACOM 1000 in the past. Installed in this new frame, the motor generates even more power thanks to an improved drivetrain which has been totally reengineered with beefier gears and internal components to improve durability and minimise power loss.

More power is also accompanied by more speed, a feat often difficult to achieve since a faster retrieve inevitably means lower torque, the same principal as to why bikes are easier to ride up a hill in low gear as opposed to high. The faster retrieve speed of TANACOM 1200 is a great feature when deep dropping, as your ability to reposition or check baits is sped up dramatically. A side benefit of the new design is an Increased line capacity. With TANACOM 1200 now boasting a line capacity of PE8/1000m.

Setting up the TANACOM 1200 is also now easier than ever, with a redesigned menu system which has been simplified and carefully designed to offer easy user experience for first time users and familiarity for long-time Daiwa dendoh fans. The Dot Monitor LCD screen has also been improved, with a brighter display and better viewing angles when wearing polarised sunglasses.

All areas of the reel design have been addressed with the development of TANACOM 1200. From small quality of life improvements like the aluminium ball knob, to hugely functional changes like the increased speed & power.

TANACOM has continually set the benchmark for quality and value for money in the electric reel space and the new TANACOM 1200 is set to elevate the bar once again. Dominate the deep with TANACOM 1200.

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Tanacom X 5’4 XH Swivel Tip Rod

TANACOM X is a perfect blend of performance and value to give more angler’s access to the bountiful deep waters of Australia’s oceans. Built on a composite graphite blank, TANACOM X exhibits a powerful but forgiving action suitable for turning bottom-hugging beasts like bar cod and bass without being a broom stick and risk pulling hooks when that fish takes the final lunge. Adorned with a set of Seaguide heavy duty stainless steel frame guides, TANACOM X is capable of withstanding the heavy loads of repeated drops all day long. TANACOM X is available in both a matching Seaguide swivelling roller tip and standard heavy-duty tip guide to give angler’s more options.

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Tanacom Braid PE 8 100 Metre Spool

Designed & developed specfically to match DAIWA’s growing range of deep-drop electric reels like TANACOM, SEAPOWER & SEABORG, the new TANACOM Braid is the perfect match if you’re looking to dominate the deep this season. Built around 8 strands of the finest quality japanese fibres and made to the highest tolerances in Japan, TANACOM braid is the perfect partner for spooling electric reels. Available in either 60lb or 80lb test in 1000m spools, the  80lb is the perfect length for larger electric reels like the TANACOM 1200 or SEABORG MJ 1200, and the 60lb is perfect for the smaller 750/800 size reels from the same families. Spooling up your electric is made dead simple with this perfect length spool, simply program the reel to spool your desired length and hit the button. Dominate the deep this season with a new DAIWA dendoh outfit, spooled up with the new TANACOM braid.

For those interested in buying the combo WITH the Reel Battery

Reel Battery G2 XL Battery Starter Kit

Deep drop fishing with electric reels just got a whole lot easier and a whole lot more efficient with the brand new range of REEL Battery. No longer do you need to have a designated power source or power outlet in your boat, simply plug the REEL Battery into your electric fishing reel and you are ready to fish. You can now jump on a mates boat and still fish with your favourite deep dropping combo without modifying his or her boat in any way and do it with a battery that fits in your pocket. Say good bye to lugging around a 40kg battery and cords. Whether you are deep dropping in 200+ metres, running teasers while game fishing or drone fishing this will be your new favourite tool.

The G2 Extra Large Reel Battery now has an increased battery life and uprated amp hour capacity. With a solid one-piece body design and battery level indicator to take the guess work out of how much life is left this has been designed for the hardcore angler.

Kit includes.

  1. G2 XL Reel Battery
  2. Charger
  3. UV Neoprene Battery Cover with Straps
  • Rated Voltage: 14.4V
  • Rated Capacity: 7Ah/100.8Wh
  • Charging Cut Off Voltage: 17v.
  • Charging Time: 0%/2.5H 25%/2.5H 50%/1.5H 75%/1H
  • Battery Life: Depend on usage, 8-48H of Fishing.

Check out the battery concept here in action on the below link