Weedless Shimma Shrimp Pack


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Jack and Barra Fisho’s! This one is for you. These Weedless Shrimp were designed specifically for you guys to confidently punch casts in to nasty territory over and over again until you get that almighty crunch without fear of entanglement in the mangroves or within overhanging or submerged trees. We’ve loaded up 10 x Weedless Shrimp from Berkley into this sweet this pack which is made up of 4 x 100mm, 4 x 120mm and 2 x 150mm. For only $89, this is madness.

Product Specs


You asked for it and the team at Berkley® have delivered! The all new Shimma Shrimp Weedless. Available in three sizes – 100, 120 and 150mm to suit a wide variety of target species and is perfect for fishing in snaggy environments. The Shimma Weedless does it all! Shimmies on the drop, tucks its tail on the lift, and sends out lots of vibration that fish just can’t resist! Built on a tough, stretchy TPE (Thermal Plastic Elastomer), weedless body with unique hook and weight system designed to give the best mix of sink, vibration, and glide.

  • New weedless body design
  • Forged weedless hook
  • Life like shrimp profile
  • TPE body construction
  • Available in 10 colours