FCL Labo Ebipop SC 150F Floating Popper


The smaller version of the Ebipop EXT, the Ebipop SC 150 is constructed of the same super high density foam for increased longevity.

Product Specs


The FCL Ebipop is among the easiest of poppers to work yet still creates a huge amount of commotion and splash on the surface to attract predators. Sitting tail down in the water the Ebipop is great in rough conditions and with the quality of finish that we have come to expect from FCL Labo these are great lure to use if bigger fish are feeding on smaller bait.

It comes rigged with quality owner rings and hooks and is perfect choice when targeting trevally, kingfish, coral trout, red bass and tuna.

Type: Floating Popper

Length: 150mm

Weight: 50g (60g with hooks)