FCL Labo UCB-81 Extreme MH Popping Rod


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The 81 Extreme MH Pop is the ideal popper rod for anglers who want to cast all day long.  It is a partner to the Popular UCB 81 MH Red Custom stickbait rod. The 81MH Pop features a drag rating of 15kg and a taper which allows it to work larger poppers with ease. This rod features a springy tip action that ramps up in the mid section and has a stiff bottom end.

Product Specs


The 8’1 length and responsive tip allows for long accurate casts with minimum effort, perfect when you have to pitch a lure into the back of breaking surf. When working poppers, the tip folds away quickly, leaving the stiffer mid-section of the rod to rip the lure through the water efficiently. This allows you to use larger poppers for longer! When loaded on a fish, the top half of the rod bends nicely, leaving a stiff bottom section to shift stubborn beasts from the bottom. Perfect for the angler looking for a rod to use all day with poppers in particular, but it can work a variety of other lures as well. This rod can cast up to 200g max but is ideal with larger cup face poppers from 120-180g.

Length: 8’1 (245cm)

Weight: 380g

Line: PE# 8-10

Lure Weight: Max 200g

Sections: Butt Joint

Packed Length: 176cm

Butt Length: 80cm