Berkley Gulp 9″ Jerkshad Plastics


A fantastic soft bait for larger species, Gulp! Jerkshads are dynamite the leading snapper soft bait in the country. They are also irresistible to just about any predatory species that swims and eats small baitfish. Cobia, Samson fish, kingfish, trevally, golden snapper, tuna, barra, jewfish, big flathead and even Sailfish have all been taken on Gulp! Jerkshads.

Everything from reef fish to pelagics can’t resist the combination of baitfish profile, Gulp! scent and darting, fluttering wounded baitfish action that can be imparted with a simple jerking retrieve technique. Rigged on a Nitro Saltwater Pro and Stealth or if fishing deepwater a Nitro Elevator hook they are an outstanding fish catching tool.

Product Specs


The largest Gulp! ever, the 9” Jerkshad has got more surface area, and therefore more scent dispersion than any other softbait. With an extended tail, this legendary profile now has an incredible swimming action on a medium-fast retrieve. Whether jigged deep amongst the reef or skipped across the surface like an out-of-luck garfish, the 9” Jerkshad revs up predators from miles to have a swipe! Watch it hunt.sand, mud and even reef, and you’ll find the locked-jaws of even the most educated predators tend to loosen.

  • Gulp releases 400 times more scent than plastic baits.
  • Gulp is available in a huge range of shapes and sizes.
  • Gulp has been proven effective on just about every Australian species of fish.