Hook Em Fixed Gaffs


Hook’em’s Original Gaff Line includes a large variety of gaffs that will cover almost any situation you need from small to large and everything in between. All these gaffs have Aluminium handles with EVF foam handles to give a good grip surface. Add to all that, they are Made In Australia.

Product Specs

Part# Use Gape Size Handle Grips
GF001 Light 6 x 65mm 30cm 1
GF002 Light 6 x 65mm 50cm 1
GF003 Light 6 x 65mm 82.5cm 1
GF004 Lt/Mdm 8 x 85mm 1.0m 1
GLM08 Lt/Mdm 8 x 85mm 20cm with lanyard 1
GLM08HD Medium 8 x 85mm 40cm – HD Handle with lanyard 1
GF005 Lt/Mdm 8 x 85mm 1.6m 2
GF005S Lt/Mdm 8 x 85mm 1.2m 2
GF005HD Mdm/Hvy 8 x 85mm 1.2m HD Handle 2
GF005HDL Mdm/Hvy 8 x 85mm 1.6m HD Handle 2
GF010 Medium 10 x 125mm 1.6m 2
GF010S Medium 10 x 125mm 1.2m 2
GF010HD Mdm/Hvy 10 x 125mm 1.2m HD Handle 2
GF010HDL Mdm/Hvy 10 x 125mm 1.6m HD Handle 2
GF012 Mdm/Hvy 13 x 150mm 1.6m 2
GF013 Mdm/Hvy 13 x 150mm 1.6m HD Handle 2