Hook Em Jet Head Lure Pre Rigged


Hook’em Fishing’s Rigged Jet Head Lures are now available, If your chasing fresh baits to use as skip baits on the way out wide to the fishing grounds make sure you check out these small jet head lures they will be deadly targeting bonito, frigate mackerel tuna and stripe tuna. The 10cm skirt is rigged on 1m of 150lb leader and a 6/0 hook ready to catch skip baits

Product Specs

JHLBLK-PNKBlack / Pink6/0150lb10cm
JHLLUMO-LUMOLumo / Lumo6/0150lb10cm
JHLPNK-BLUPink / Blue6/0150lb10cm
JHGRN-GOLDGreen / Gold6/0150lb10cm