The I Catch Bait Jig Sabiki Rig is a pre rigged multi hook system designed to make bait catching easier. Using the I catch Bait jig is as easy as simply unpackaging and tying on using the provided swivel then adding a sinker weight to the bottom.

Product Specs


Constructed with high quality monofilament line and decorated high quality hooks with luminous beads the I catch Bait jig is deadly on bait species such as Yellowtail, Slimy Mackerel and Herring.

Available in 6 sizes to suit whatever sized bait you might be targeting and perfect for fishing Rivers, Rocks and offshore.

  • Quality Monofilament
  • Super Sharp Gold Hooks
  • Lumo Beads
  • Attractive Dressings
  • 5 Hooks Per Jig
  • 9 Popular Sizes
  • Great For Yellowtail, Slimy Mackerel And Herring