Irukandji Osprey Wire Harness


Introducing the Osprey Wire Harness – the ultimate trophy angler’s companion. Crafted with precision and built to withstand the challenge of the toughest predatory fish on the planet this harness is an essential addition to your tacklebox. Constructed from premium-grade 200lb swaged wire, and pre-rigged with razor sharp BKK treble hooks, you know you can trust the quality components of the Osprey Wire Harness when you connect with that fish of a lifetime.

Product Specs



  • Screwlock bait connection
  • 2 x Stainless steel bait pegs
  • Pre-rigged with 2x BKK Viper 1/0 Trebles
  • 1 Harness per pack


  • Small: 6-8″ Soft Baits (7″ Sciario / Bloodhawk)
  • Medium: 8-10″ Soft Baits (9″ Sicario)
  • Large: 10-12″ Soft Baits (11″ Sicario)

Rigging Tips

The Osprey Harnesses come pre-rigged and are very fast to attach to your chose soft bait. To do so first align the the corkscrew with the nose of the bait horizontally and insert the tip taking care to align the inner straight piece of wire with the corkscrew as you do so. Then gently but firmly twist the corkscrew into the bait by holding it where the screw meets the lure – not grasping it at the free end. This should see the corkscrew glide firmly into place until it is completely embedded into the lure for maximum grip and casting ability.

If you are having difficulty inserting the screw it will either be from misalignment of the centre piece of wire with the screw causing it to rotate off-centre and jam on itself, or from twisting from the far end of the corkscrew away from the lure body. If this happens remove the screw and being again – do not force it. You should be able to insert the screw using firm finger pressure only, or light use of needle nose pliers for the last turns at most.

The corkscrew length can be trimmed with side-cutters to make insertion easier on harder soft lure materials if desired but this is not recommended due to the loss of grip on the bait and the potential for tearout.