Jackall Cian Pencil Serpens 190F


Equipped with a keel on the tail, the Jackall Cian Pencil Serpens stickbait features an attracting S-stroke action, which will prove dynamite for big predators looking for a feed.

Product Specs


Based on the S-stroke action, which has high fish-attracting power and is considered very effective for large blue back fish fish, the bait is set to randomly generate a rolling action with small amplitude and high biting power. It is possible to induce a reaction bite by switching the action when blue back fish chased by a fish.

Keel is installed on the left and right on the tail part. It was set to an exquisite height that moderately suppresses the roll and converts it to an S-shaped action, but does not completely erase it. In addition, the arrow feathers are effective during flight, and the flight attitude is stabilized even in crosswinds and headwinds.